About Us

LacyBPottery was born out of the Basinger family's love for their patriarch's pottery, Bill Basinger. While attending Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, Bill enrolled in several art and ceramic classes. Upon acquiring his masters degree in the early 1960's, Bill remained in Muncie for several years teaching others about the craft and trade of ceramics. Later on his life, he settled in Little Rock, Arkansas, and opened up a pottery workshop in his home. At the ripe old age of 88, he continues his passion to this day.

Bill has passed on his knowledge to his son, David; his daughter-in-law, Lacy; and his grandchildren, Brennan, Meredith, Mary Frances, and Jessi. Continuing the family tradition started by Bill, David and Lacy opened a studio of their own in the fall of 2016 in Grenada, Mississippi.

David enjoys throwing on the wheel, and Lacy prefers the art of hand-building. Their children, Brennan, Meredith, Mary Frances and Jessi all contribute to the work as well. All of LacyBPottery’s stoneware is oven, microwave and dishwasher safe. Every piece of Lacy’s hand-built designs is one of a kind, which makes each of them a wonderful, unique gift.

LacyBPottery Products

LacyBPottery is made in Grenada, MS. All of our pottery is either hand-thrown or hand-built, and our glazes are hand painted. We sell our products from our studio, at La Bella Fonte Galleria in Grenada, at Fluer De Lis in Starkville, MS, and at The Mustard Seed in Oxford, MS. Although we do not sell our pottery directly from the website, we try to keep our website up to date with photos of new inventory. For regular updates on new products and information on exclusive giveaways, please consider joining our Facebook group.

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Each angel is meticulously built by hand so that no two are exactly alike, and have their own unique personality. They are ready to be shared with family and friends to offer comfort, love, sympathy and more.


Lacybpottery recently expanded our line to include candles! Our candles are made from the finest soy wax and hand poured into our stoneware containers. They are actually 2 gifts in one! After the candle has burned down, clean out the container and use it as a functional serving piece!

Prayer Crosses

Our prayer crosses are made in 2 sizes. The larger palm cross fits comfortably in your hand. The smaller thumbprint cross is designed to be held under your thumb. We offer these crosses in bulk prices.

Makeup Brush Holders

Hence the name, our Makeup Brush Holders are perfect for holding and organizing makeup brushes; however, they are also great for holding an assortment of just about anything like pens and pencils or kitchen utensils.

Stoneware Serving Pieces

Lacybpottery’s serving pieces include a variety of designs. We offer round, square and wavy platters, bowls of different sizes and designs, guacamole compotes, berry bowls, cracker trays and more. All of our serving pieces are oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe.

Coffee Mugs

Our coffee mugs come in several sizes and designs. Many of our coffee mugs have soy candles poured in them. Two gifts in one! Burn the candle; clean out the mug; then use it for your favorite hot beverage! All of our mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe.


Lacybpottery offers vases in a variety of sizes and designs. They each have their own personality. No two are exactly alike.


LacyBPottery offers a variety of inspirational pieces.


LacyBPottery also carries an array of miscellaneous pieces in a range of prices that make wonderful gifts. Included are yarn bowl, jewelry dishes, Post it note holders, business card holders, standing and hanging crosses, wall ornaments, and much more!